L'artisan moderne

Design Artisan Moderne

Design space dedicated to the interior decoration of good taste. Mainly dedicated to the real estate professional we offer various services including the installation of products sold at the store.

Matériauthèque :: Design space dedicated to interior decoration

Back in 1977, an act of sales written on a napkin of the Montreal Pool Room restaurant, Pierre M Barre becomes owner of Decoration L'Artisan Moderne founded in 1924 and incorporated by Pierre in 1977.

During the early 90's an artist and designer Mr Charles Edward Perras inspires Pierre by suggesting that he share his samples with other designers.

An idea takes root and Pierre spends the next few years charming, cajoling gradually convincing manufacturers and suppliers of the merit of his concept and in 1992 Decoration L'Artisan Moderne ceases officially all retail activities to become the first resource centre exclusively for designers.

He is joined by his daughter Brigitte in 1994 and retires in 2007. Brigitte, now owner of L'Artisan Moderne, continues to this day the traditions set by her father while seamlessly integrating new concepts and adding new opportunities for designers.


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